Ngulchu Dharmapada (1772-1851)


In the biography The Life Story of My Most Eminent and Omniscient Master Dharmapada — Who Had Showered upon Me the Three Types of Kindness — Called the Ornament that Beautifies the Doctrine of the Yellow Hat, Ngulchu Yangchen Drupai Dorji (1809-1887) writes thus [the forth line] on the front page of the Tibetan page no. 34:

“At that time, there were stones being thrown by a formless spirit that continued for days and nights. The congregation requested Lochen Rinpoche to investigate the matter. His divination confirmed that it was Dolgyal who was behind the hex. As such, the congregation was advised to establish the ritual of ‘the Hundred Deities of Tushita’ in the Monastic curriculum. Chanting-master Sherab Lak, who was good at writing, was told that he should copy from a text that was given to him, which apparently was the handwriting of Khedrup Ngawang Dorji. The moment he had finished copying it, the chanting master had also already memorized the text by heart.”

Thus, Ngulchu Dharmapada advised the congregation to establish the ritual of The Hundred Deities of Tushita and recite the Migtsema supplication for Tsongkhapa. There was no advice to offer libation to Dolgyal, saying that he was something special or sacred.

Excerpt on Shugden in the biography of Ngulchu Dharmapada
Excerpt on Shugden in the biography of Ngulchu Dharmapada
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