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This website aims to explain the position of His Holiness, provide historical evidence that shows that Shugden is only a perfidious spirit and clarify doubts wherever necessary. It also aims to help those who feel they are lost without any direction after discovering that they have landed themselves into the grip of the cult of Dolgyalism or NKT’s designs that provide no real hope of spiritual development. For the general public of the world, it will explain why there is no segregation or deprivation of religious freedom. It will also explain the spirit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in strongly upholding what is proper and the dedication of the Tibetan people towards His Holiness the Dalai Lama. For the scholars around the world, it will provide the much needed clarity and insight that will help them to understand the story of Shugden properly.

The website at present contains more than three hundred pages, all of which are very important to read if you want to understand the whole story behind the controversy of Shugden. With more research being carried out, we will bring them to you once they are finished. We encourage you to read the whole story, one by one, and also look into the other side of the story given by the Shugden fanatics. Finally, it is up to your discretion to decide for yourself. By propitiating Shugden, you might be in a danger zone; not propitiating it has no risk. They are various reliable Dharma protectors who are there since the time of Buddha Shakyamuni. The real lustre of Tsongkhapa’s tradition does not lie in the practice of Dharma protectors, but in his impeccable teachings.

To read and study materials on this website, it would be good to first begin with the story of His Holiness’ association with Dolgyal. Read his whole story first, then the historical evidence to support his position and the others later.

This website is a creation of several Buddhist scholars who feel the need to address the issue of Dolgyal properly. It is not endorsed by any organisation or prominent individual. The English translation of His Holiness’ talks on the issue is based on the Tibetan transcriptions of his recorded teachings and talks. The final authority to further elaborate or interpret his words or thoughts rests only on His Holiness himself. We have only attempted to present our own understanding of His Holiness’ words.

For those who truly wish to seek counsels if you feel you are lost but are afraid of making the move, we have genuine Lamas, Geshes and able translators to guide you smoothly. You may choose to remain anonymous and your emails will remain strictly confidential. You may also use different names if needed when asking for help, but please seek guidance. There was a time when there was no Buddhism in the West, but now that it is taking root, let’s ensure that the proper form of Buddhism is planted firmly.

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