Dolgyal is despised by the Five Kings

Button_Eng[Excerpt from a talk given on 8th April, 1983] However, if you are someone who needs to prioritise Kali Devi and the Five King Protectors, the prioritising of which comes in connection with the political and spiritual welfare of Tibet, propitiation of Shugden is improper. There is a saying among the monks of Drepung that if the size of the bestowal of gifts from Shugden is measurable in terms of one Dre [a Tibetan measuring instrument of about two pints], the reprimands that would come from the Five Kings and others would be something that would completely fill one Bho [a Tibetan measuring instrument of about ten pints].

I think this saying is quite true. Generally speaking, if you are someone whose practice of protectors gives special prominence to Kali Devi, propitiation of Gyalchen is definitely never appropriate. Have you all understood? It occurred to me that many of you did not know things properly and as misunderstandings could lead to unfortunate things, I have spoken on the issue today. The reason why I talked briefly on this yesterday is the same. If you act hastily without proper examinations, and if things became something to regret over later, it will not be good.

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