Proponents of Dolgyal

Button_Eng— who believe him to be an infallible, wrathful god — claim that Nechung was the main inspiration who instilled in him the thought to arise as a wrathful protector. How true is it?

[On 18th of July, 1980, His Holiness gave the following talk to a selected audience that consisted of the abbots, ex-abbots, staff members of Sera Jey and Mey monastery along with some committee members of the Tibetan Youth Congress in Bylakuppe Tibetan Settlement, South India.]

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Generally, when validating Gyalchen as an authentic protector, people make a historical reference to Nechung as being the main motivational factor behind his arising as a wrathful protector. If it is true that Gyalchen has Nechung’s support, since at present I am the only person under the sun who knows Nechung better than anyone else, from what I have gathered through experiences and examinations, there is no truth in it. Although I have no clairvoyance, I have thoroughly investigated this matter from many dimensions. Perhaps, I might appear as a headstrong or a stubborn person. I compare even the words of my own teachers with Tsongkhapa’s instructions and examine them. In the same way, I would also investigate prophesies of a particular protector, think on them in depth, perform divinations if necessary and then decide: I am always meticulous, and do not decide things on a whim. This is my habit. As far as Nechung is concerned, I also asked Gadong [another official protector] whether the genuine wisdom of Nechung was entering the present medium or not, or if there is any difference between the Nechung that came into trance in Tibet and the one at present in exile. Gadong assured me that I can trust the Nechung oracle [that comes in trance nowadays] with full confidence. Some might bear a very childish thought that I have soft ears that listen to Nechung who might have instigated me out of his jealousy towards Shugden: This is not the case; it is something that basically has more to do with Kali Devi.

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