Are they sincerely seeking an answer?

Button_EngResponse to an accusation that His Holiness encourages others to engage in talks to solve difference while His Holiness himself does not engage in talks with Shugden followers:

If you were to accept Buddha Shakyamuni’s teachings as the ultimate authority, and adopt Tsongkhapa’s impeccable tradition — which is based on the great tradition of Nagarjuna and his spiritual heirs, established by means of Archarya Dignaga and Dharma Kirti’s valid system of reasoning, and has the quality of integrating Tantra and Sutra — as basis on which things are to be examined for their consistency, and if questions concerning Dolgyal are to be asked sincerely, there are various respectful and modest means to make your case heard. However, since you engage in almost every possible ways to vilify His Holiness, creating rumours hoping to damage His Holiness’ image and staging protests wherever His Holiness visits, and as Shugden practitioners are so widely known for their streams of lies and acts of violence and foolishness, on what ground can we trust that you would not bring any harm on His Holiness?

If your quest for dialogue is sincere and your approach in this regard sensible, with an unbiased mind that is ready to accept any truth so long as it is true, you should first read all materials that truthfully cover His Holiness’ advice on Dolgyal. If things are not clear, you could approach hundreds of Geshes and Lamas who know His Holiness’ position well and who could also help you to clarify your doubts. Even then, if you are still not convinced, or if your doubts are not fully clarified, then you could seek an audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama by presenting your case reasonably to the concerned staff members working for His Holiness. Without such sensible efforts, demanding ruthlessly that you want to talk with His Holiness to prove your prejudicial points although His Holiness the Dalai Lama is extremely busy — with his divine activities that are extremely vast — only speaks of how aggressive you all are, and that you are not sincerely seeking a dialogue, but just bluffing around.


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